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  1. Before the update, this scenario had some gaulic tribes grouped into one nation (like the Rhine tribes) there were the middle gauls, northern gauls and spanish gauls. Here are all the notes: More gauls added. Masillia, greek iberia, crete and syracuse has been released. Cores for parthia, phoenica, babylon and assyria are added. 3 added events. Northern tribes are added. Scythians are added. Arabian and indian kingdoms are added. Egyption alliance is added. You guys can help me with suggestions for the scenario.
  2. This mod is scenario is updated.
  3. the workshop makes me happy to exist
  4. rds46

    553 BCE map

    i am looking really forward to this!
  5. This scenario is being worked on to expand the world map to make it look more interesting in the year 269 bc. Gaul isn't done yet and you will notice that some areas are highlighted under a group like "spanish gauls". I will disband them soon with other kingdoms.
  6. i made this around late last year, wanting to be away from things like ww2 or the Napoleonic wars.
  7. i had litterally made a scenario set in 1556 around last year and this appears...
  8. rds46

    Future world

    why is scotland independent?
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