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  1. I already Updated the game and still crashes after setting number of provinces to 4269 or 4270
  2. he asked that the Argentine give military access to attack the south of Brazil, and if she did not accept he would invade. the thing is that he expected support from these provinces, only that it turned out they did not
  3. When the game begins this event will appear if you are playing as paraguay (Ai will Choose Normal mod) Obs: The budget Will become negative because of the army
  4. poxa... Realmente não tinha pensado nisso!
  5. well ... I had the idea by the name of the mod ... sooo ...
  6. O problema é que não tem como editar a população de uma nação individualmente
  7. This is a scenario that i made (this is what happened after 1000 turns)
  8. OLD WORLD Blues Is basically a post-apocalyptic scenario that the center is the OLD WORLD (sorry for the clickbait) I plan to improve other parts of the World soon OLD WORLD blues.zip
  9. the borders are still wrong at the north of Brazil
  10. well... at least in the game i think israel will not win
  11. I maked a Paraguay War scenario, now (semi)-fixed! Changes on borders of North of brazil (and Uruguay) Paraguay Will receive buffs through events and there WIP events of the war. (When Map editor cames out i will try to make bigger South America map) 1545963436467zobuijwa.zip
  12. he probably was lazy to redo that after adding provinces
  13. population and economy probably are ranked per number and growth
  14. I think prestige is respect or strenght
  15. You can make a compressed folder (Rar archive) right clicking on a file or files and send it to "Compressed folder", after this attach the Rar archive in your post.
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