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  1. 18 hours ago, EliasC17 said:


    Why do they put Paraguay as a fascist government? If Paraguay is a republic since its creation and has presidents since March 13, 1884. When 300 disputed met in congress and the 2nd constitution was dictated with the "Law that establishes the Political Administration of the Republic of Paraguay" that divides the power, which would be exercised by a president for 10 years (in the actulidad are only 5 years). and in that Congress was named Carlos Lopez as the first president of the Republic of Paraguay thus dissolving the old system of government of the triumvirate that had 3 rulers and in a time 2 rulers and the last era of the trinvirato Carlos Lopez was the governor next to mariano roque alonso after the death of the governor jose gaspar rodriguez de francia (this was part of the triumvirate until it was appointed supreme dictator so was recognized by the congress but then would be recognized as president and not as dictator) and then the president of the time of this ecenario (francisco solano lopez) was first a replacement of his father Carlos Lopez after his death and then would be elected as the second president until his death in Cerro Cora during the war of the triple alliance     


    (you could add francisco solano lopez if there is an update)



    (I should also add some event that has Uruguay in war with Paraguay and that is forming an alliance with Brazil and Argentina as a step in real life)


    I found a good scenario very well done. but the fascist government should, change to republic and Uruguay does not have an event that can participate, you would have to add some.

    Well, i made it facist for buff

  2. 1 hour ago, WUWU897 said:

    So, This mod, like the title says, makes the What if Napoleon Won scenario. But you may notice some strange things, a few things have happened:
    America joined the side of Napoleon
    Sweden joined the side of Napoleon.
    You may notice other things, if you don't know why, tell me.
    Also, Napoleon, after the war, decided to invade the Ottomans, because he was "afraid" of them taking over after him.
    Napoleon decides to split up British India.
    If you want to know something, again, then tell me.

    Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvrp4k33ie4mo19/1546021653374rozzoiqg.zip?dl=0

    Just get the file in the .zip file and put it in your Scenario folder.

    What year is the Start date?

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