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  1. Civs: Shrekoslovakia, Austria-Something, Madagasdagascar, and Ching-ling Union meme civilizations.zip
  2. I maked a civlization, put it in a scenario, and played it. after some time i maked a union, and now the flag is f#cked. that really pissed me off. make it optional plz And why we can't rename alliances in gameplay? or at least be able to choose the name of the alliance when it was made?
  3. My first scenario, Ottomannia it's basically an Alt history scenario that ottomans strike back in 1936 (and became a world power) Now, in 2015, they are the world greatest power. but with a really bad relation with the soviets, that will probably lead into a disastrous war, one question lies on top of the others: Will this consolidate Ottoman Reign or end it? (I plan to release a scenario of 1936 version of this soon) Events are WIP, and i recommend you to delete them. ottomania.zip
  4. This is a scenario that is a recreation of a hoi4 mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1551211505&searchtext=emperor+of Basically a "what if napoleon won napoleonic wars?" that pass in 1936. download: 1545071231892jllrnjct.zip Obs: the other files are the custom civilizations
  5. You don´t need to reinstall. Right click in Aoc2 on the games Library on steam and click on "Properties". click in "local archives" and "verify integrity of archives". That worked for me.
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