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  1. can you add the italian social republic for the endseig 1945 scenario?
  2. will this mod be compatible with macbooks?
  3. Yay it's possible to partition yugoslavia. Pls also add provinces that thailand occupied during ww2 and also bulgaria after first balkan war.
  4. These were thailand's borders during ww2 from 1941-1945. Thailand went to war with France to take some territories of french indochina, and after Japan briefly invaded them, Thailand joined the axis and occupied parts of burma and malaya.
  5. I get that, but when he posted the map of the balkans, it didn't seem possible. Also in the original hoi4, the partition was incorrect because some states were missing, which is why it might not be possible. I know for a fact that the borders after the first balkan war and the borders of thailand during ww2 are definitely not possible in hoi4.
  6. pls make these borders possible.
  7. can you adjust the provinces in the balkans so that it's possible to make an accurate partition of yugoslavia during ww2 by the axis? Also can you pls adjust provinces for the territories that Bulgaria got after the first balkan war? That would be awesome, thanks. Also, are the borders for reichskommissariat ukraine and ostland possible right now, and do you plan on adding more civilizations, because I want to create a chinese walord era scenario, and I need civilizations like the Zhili clique, Anhui clique, Tsing Ma Clique, Ning ma Clique, etc.
  8. can you make provinces that bulgaria got after the first balkan war? can you adjust the provinces so that it will be possible to make reichskommissairat ukraine, ostland, moskowein, and kaukauses? Also pls make some of the borders possible for the partition of poland according to the molotov-ribbentrop pact. Lastly, pls add more civilizations, specifically the walords and cliques during China's warlord era and stuff for the russian civil war, and maybe civilizations for alt histories like kaiserreich etc. I know I am asking for a lot, but aoc2 is a pretty plain game so I am really excited for
  9. AOC2 needs way more provinces. Maybe there is a way to combine the amount of provinces in project alpha with this mod? But I don't think that's possible, and personally, I'm not a fan of project alpha. Its provinces look kinda weird and the map in general doesn't look very pleasing.
  10. are you going to add more provinces to this mod? Some countries like Canada or Greenland seriously deserve to have way more provinces. Hoi4 has about 13,000 land provinces, so maybe you can settle on somewhere between 8,000-10,000 provinces? Also please fix the AI for this game. The AI is absolutely retarded in AOC2 and won't build ports, watch towers, or forts. The AI should also be smart enough to know when puppeting is useful and only annex provinces that they historically had some connection to. Pls make the AI not have an IQ of -50. Also, please make different types of puppets in aoc2 lik
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