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  1. You know, River Ganga is not touched by Madhya Pradesh. Rewa and Singrauli are part of Uttar Pradesh. With this your map would be done. If you would like, please make events in it.
  2. Yeah, it sucks that there is only one province which fits two real states.🥺 Very good mod. Love it.
  3. Sir, How to do exactly this👆👆 I've been trying to get anything like this? Please help me. 🥺🥺
  4. Overall very good scenario. I would love it with some events.🤩
  5. Malkangiri province is a part of Chattisgarh. And That province between Rewa and Varanasi is also an Uttarpradesh territory. Territory between Gwalior, Guna, Bhopal, Ujjain and Kota is a Rajasthani Territory.
  6. The Second province of Manipur is also not an Indian Core Part.
  7. The Province On the right of Manipur is not a integral part of India.
  8. Where the heck, you took Sikkim!? 😂 Sikkim is on the last bengal province touching your Sikkim civ. Please adjust that.
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