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  1. This was an opportunity to fix what was wrong with the HOI4 map imo. Missed opportunity.
  2. They are good borders for the start of WWII but not for playing are making new borders during or after a war. Internal borders is whats messy. Ie. Italy can't take Nice and Savoy in this which is logical since they have historical claims. Just as one example. This is only badically a good map for world domination only.
  3. The number of provinces is great but a lot of the borders are bad. 😕 I hope a clean up is coming.
  4. What is the earliest scenario you plan?
  5. It seems to be certain countries do not have borders that make sense? For instance Canada and Italy have provinces but the borders you made do not allow one to line up. (Ie. Abruzzo and Alberta) I am so excited for this but I will be disapointed if countries cannot be made because their borders do not line up.
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