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  1. And then new mod when it be released? It Will be on android?
  2. I dont know how to do this Can you do it bro and give link?
  3. Me dont work i asked Other Man he try to sign
  4. Hey Can you sign this AOC 2 mod please:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AiiXwblfMAjkKaHS3O5TjtRTPceJ5N1k/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. I dont know how to use this app for signing.Can you record video me how to use this app and i Will sign it bro
  6. Hey i downloaded it now im going to sign it so tell me which app you using to sign app
  7. Yes but i cant install this because it says error in extracting ---
  8. Bro i cant download because Is not signed
  9. У реду, шта је са модом?
  10. Yeah Yugoslavia Is Tito Our marshal!
  11. Не, још немам овај мод.So what I doing now?
  12. What told me I download AoC2 original and what then?
  13. It says problem Send to me and i Will try sign the ---
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