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  1. Will the editor ever have the option to upload the flag as an image?
  2. Started playing as Roman Republic and noticed that there was no Formable nation. I like to use Formable nations as a goal to reach for or a guide map for playing historically and I found this map on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Roman_Republic-44BC.png This map shows the Roman Republic at it's height right before it turned into the Roman Empire so this feels like a good spot to form the Roman Empire from the Roman Republic ~44BC. Maybe something that @Malcev would consider. For now I made it in the editor. How do you guys make your play through more fun?
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    Did it get fixed in that same run or did you have to start up another run for the problem to go away?
  4. We could probably boost that to 1000% seeing as he repelled the attack of around 120~330 ships with only 13 ships and didn't lose a single man.
  5. New title: "HRE nations are the best target"
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    There is a bug in the game where opinion is stuck at 0. Usually happens not too deep into the game around turn 1300 both times. This never used to happen as I had a game go to 5000+ turns and nothing happened so I believe it may be from a recent patch. I remember seeing something about this bug in the steam forums but saw nothing here so decided to post and see if anyone else was encountering the same bug. Let me know if you guys have seen the same bug and/or if you found any solutions once the zero opinion is in place.
  7. I have a couple suggestions on the Korean Peninsula: Goguryeo didn't exist until around 37BC Instead there was a nation called Gojoseon Okjeo was to the east of Gojoseon and there was a country called Jin to the south with Dongye being much smaller The Mahan confederacy did not form until around 100 AD the land was owned by a country named JIn at the time Most of the land above Gojoseon and Okjeo were owned by the Horde tribes of Buyeo Here is the Wikipedia article that has a map of the are around 108 BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojoseon#Proto–Three_Kin
  8. I believe the way @Łukasz Jakowski has the game coded, it fits well into the model because whenever you give an order to your army, it loads the order into a queue and then executes them based on either RNG or input order depending on your selection in the options.
  9. I think it should be like Civ where every human player can take their turn at the same time and you use RNG to determine who's orders get carried out first when the next turn button is hit by all players.
  10. Thanks @nikko1304! Works now. One question tho did you have a bunch of countries with just numbers where their names are supposed to be? Edit: I moved the files from "Fall of Rome Civilizations" like @Łukasz Jakowski said and then I pasted the text from Age_of_Civilizations at the end of the one that is already there and everything works now. Didn't even have to reload the game just pressed load scenario and it all worked. Fucking brilliant game design!
  11. Thank you for the scenario and the readme! I know where to put future downloads in the file structure now.
  12. That's the thing tho. It never happened for me
  13. After putting this in my scenarios folder, I launch the game and all it says is ERROR where the new scenario should be.
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