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  1. Yes, I did not express myself quite correctly. I meant to make it so that some event could be broadcast for all countries as in hoi4
  2. Please add a function so that the event is displayed for all countries on the map
  3. thank you it works, however what should I do if the compiler outputs a lot of errors?
  4. Thank you for the answer, although I did not understand how it would be possible to save changes in the code
  5. I can't compile back from .java in .class outputs a huge number of errors. What can you offer?
  6. if it's not difficult, can you show it on the video guide?
  7. sorry, it's a translator English isn't my native language. I would like to ask through what programm I can edit code on a PC version
  8. Can you make a similar guide for a PC? Because I can't find a suitable file manager similar to Mt Manager
  9. I have seen different mechanics in the modifications that allow you to change the laeder, but as a rule, the developers do not say how they do it
  10. Does anyone know about applications similar to Mt manager, but only for PCs?
  11. Thank you for the answer, if it's not a secret, what guides can you recommend?
  12. @Trans-Amur At what level do I need to know java to make such changes to the code
  13. No, I mean how you create relief background map?
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