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  1. oh, ok dude. Yeah, my mod is dead.
  2. the expression "ok" it's from the american war of independence, when the british soldiers come from a little victorious battle, they said "ok" or "zero killed". So "ok" means "zero killed" 😉
  3. So now you have permision! Thanks for continue my project dude, this is awesome! But create another topic please, I will say this one is "dead".
  4. I play on PC but thanks for the information dude.
  5. So, I want to make a mod with some modified scripts, but I get a lot of errors when I try, but I tried EVERYTHING: normal eclipse, notepad, Jadclipse plugin, and more. Please help me.
  6. Actually I'm not working on the project, if someone is intressed on continue this project, please say.
  7. When I learn how to export to mobile.
  8. What? Like, my hand writting? Sorry dude, but I don't know if it is literaly my hand writting or other thing (sorry if it sounds a littlebit rude, my english is not the best and I don't know when I'm being rude in a language that aren't brazilian portuguese)
  9. Maybe today I can't do a lot of modifications like afternoon, because I'm not on a good day and my right hand is hurted.
  10. Oh thanks for this offer of help, but I can do it alone. Thanks again dude.
  11. I will add more events, but it will take a time.
  12. Oh thanks dude, of course I just do this mod bacause there are no Kepler mods
  13. I'm not that good at making maps
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