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  1. there's a difference between trolling the staff of a server and making a useless argue on a random post.
  2. what does the therm "turkish person" mean?
  3. Dolphin General


    what is a turk?
  4. iala monarbixakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. can you please shut the fuck up and go dm him instead of spamming in this topic, this is not a topic for your stupid argument over your ban on his server.
  6. Aunque digan que soy Un bandolero donde voy Le doy gracias a Dios Por hoy estar donde estoy Y voy a seguir con mi tumbao' Y con mis ojos colorao' Con mis gatos activao' Ustedes to' me lo han dao'
  7. as expected, hitler doesn't likes when communism is better than fascism, probably because it gives him some bad memories about 1943.
  8. From Lukasz, I want: A update Apology for not making a single update for 2 fucking years From the community, I want: Mods that aren't a cheap copy of hoi4 ones Less "android when?" comments
  9. Super Idol的笑容 都没你的甜 八月正午的阳光 都没你耀眼 热爱 105 °C的你 滴滴清纯的蒸馏水
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