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  1. Make a mod about TV Channels around the world, for example: "US: CNN", "BRAZIL: SBT". Distribute them around their regions with more popularity. If you want, put their bosses as leaders. And the most important thing: put them to fight.
  2. Man how do you edit the scripts???? I want to edit some variables to help some friends on a mod. And I've already tried to edit and gets a lot of errors.
  3. It's a good idea, but I have already done the amazon provinces, it's not made of water and of course the map doesn't have the panama.
  4. A little question guys: can I add brazilian music to the mod, like "Tim Maia" or "Seu Jorge"? It will get more brazilian that way.
  5. Yeah, I'm not good to make borders, my quality is quantity ūüôÉ.
  6. Man this is international, you can't speak portuguese in that post dude. Of course I understand. "Ol√° mano".
  7. FINALY! ALL OF BRAZIL IS DONE! Only left some part of the countrys that border Brazil.
  8. So, Rond√īnia and Par√° are done (this little extra territory above Bel√©m is only a ocean province, not Amap√°)
  9. Holy s*** Par√° and Amazonas are so big, they will take a while to be done, after them, will be only Acre, Roraima and Amap√°.
  10. Northeast and Center-West done. For Brazil only the North region states left.
  11. I have nothing to do now, so I will continue the map and see if it works that time.
  12. Theese flags are beautiful and looks like nord flags.
  13. Only one thing guys, I stopped to work on the map not only because of another project, but I can't do the map work on the game, it crashes when I select it. So, yeah guys, for a while won't have Project Vargas, and ofcourse no mod with custom map from me. I will probably post another project in the forums, from only me or from the AoC2ModdingBR (ops, spoiler).
  14. The project it's actualy paused 'cause of another project i'm working on.
  15. Opa mano, n√£o to afim de usa discord (tenho discord mas n√£o uso muito) mas posso ajudar sim, as vezes to cansado de fazer meus mods individuais e posso usar esse tempo livre pra te ajudar, s√≥ fala o que precisa que eu ajudo (se eu n√£o tiver ocupado na hora), se for preciso, posso at√© entrar ae no server. Entendo UM POUCO de java, talvez de pra editar uns scripts caso for preciso. S√≥ a parte das m√ļsicas que eu n√£o poderia fazer, pois tenho um gosto musical horr√≠vel (mas sei fazer musica pelo FL studio, talvez isso seja algo bom). De resto s√≥ fazer prov√≠ncias que eu n√£o tenho muito saco, mas pos
  16. South Region and Southeast Region done.
  17. (I'm sorry if my english is bad, of course for the brazilians I will translate) (me desculpa pelo meu inglês ruim, é claro que pros brasileiros eu foi traduzir) ### ENGLISH So, Brazil is a BIG country, but in AoC2 it's a medium country and it has a interesting history that isn't represented well in the default game. Because of that, in the mod I'm woking now, Brazil and its close regions or countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, half of Peru, the Guyanas and a little bit of Venezuela and Chile) will recive a new map, with a new satellite background, new province
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