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  1. I'm in love with the formula you have created, This was a late night thought and didn't even have time to get really into the details and it was hard to manage a way to make things balance so I applaud to your comment.
  2. What would be required: -Needs a new building : Trade Post -Needs a new Option in Trade with Country -New Map mode What is it?: A trading system with countries to make money to help boost the economy of a province. How would it improve gameplay?: -New gameplay, becoming a economic powerhouse -Improve in economy growth/ getting money Explanation: Trade Deal with a country, there would be a option of Exporting or Importing. Depending who is doing what will do one of these effect, Importing will grow economic value and gro
  3. Without any new units or someway to transport that bomb I don't see it happening Maybe as a cheat or Sandbox thing
  4. Assimilating isn't cheap, but using the army that you wasted a good amount of money for could be used to do that. Think it as a way to guarantee the provinces with the army placed would be protected from rebels. I build a army of 10000 before and had gained over 20 good provinces but it took 1-2 turns of my income just to assimilate fully a province. Having a tool that divides the army to the those new provinces would be cheaper.
  5. Weather Spilt between Major/Minor Major Weather would depend on the season and minor weather would be mostly in the first 9 months Spring and summer would be sunny and will mostly be a buff on movement and growth. Fall and winter will cause slowing of growth, higher cost of movement for winter. Possible Attrition when invading a country during winter? Just a thought
  6. Just putting this out there I think it would be great to have mods about Rise of the machine ( Matrixs) Chrimea war (I think I spelt it right) (from the game Resistance) A zombie scenario A alien scenario Game of throne Map Lord of the Rings Map Fallout map which would mostly be in the United States Elder scrolls maps Oblivion/ skyrim Avatar the last Airbender Map, I have no idea if that is possible but just looking at the map looks fun
  7. Improving relationship, having allies, creating defensive pacts and having vassals will cost you Diplomacy points that will be taken from your over all points Insulting, at war and just being neutral will add to your diplomacy points. Think of it this way, if you are in peace with other neighbors and have no war there isn't a need use your diplomacy points. Then again it's based on your play style
  8. There needs to be a option to allow army movement to be faster either by allowing it to move 2 provinces or some sort of transport. Like you can move your army twice as fast but they cant attack until the next turn or if they get attacked they suffer a higher casualties rate. Though that would be well worth it to be able to use your army that is in the other side of your country.
  9. Maybe just things to produce, like building making something that'll you will use for something Like Factories making iron for ships, tanks,and etc Stables for horses Things like that
  10. I feel certain diseases should do more damage and cause more of an issue to the surrounding area. Like once the black plague starts to spread your focus should be on trying to stop it from spreading and caring for the sick. Just to keep things entertaining. For example closing borders if a plague is near your border or closing off plague infected provinces
  11. Countries would have a national bank if they have a big enough economy to have one. This would allow countries to ask for loans and such which would give a boost to your own country in the long run. I feel this would allow small countries to compete with larger countries. Quickly able to obtain wealth and control certain countries without being friendly with them. A country like Switzerland would have more financial influence to it's neighbors. The more nations that are trading with you the faster your nation grows but makes you more valuable to aggressive countries. Wor
  12. Age of Civilization 2 is a great strategy game and with that there can be improvements to enhance the playing experience. War Gameplay, Let's start with the War aspect of the game. This is basically a Numbers game when it comes to war, the bigger your army the more likely you would take over the smaller armies. Now I feel there should be some changes to make War more realistic. 1. Mobilising the army, A tool in which you can select certain provinces to build up a army. Say, if you selected 5 provinces with about 30000 population and you need a army of 15000. The
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