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  1. So I was watching a Drew Durnil video in which he created two worlds- east vs west- and I wanted to see how he made that look how it is. There is no form of terrain, and land is entirely blue or red. I don't know how to make this. Can anyone help me?+
  2. Lukasz, please see my forum post for help 


  3. So I am currently playing as the USSR in the WWII scenario, and I declared war on Poland. Everything was going well, I was invading a few provinces and reaching Warsaw, but suddenly after the turn, I wasn't able to invade any provinces. Usually I would click a occupied province with an army and it would have arrows pointing to a province to let me invade it. Now, when I clicked the occupied province, nothing would happen. Also, now when I clicked the Civilization Information square (or whatever its called) It wouldnt do anything. At this point, the only thing I could do was let the turns go by
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