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  1. It is the default BE background except with different civ colouring and opacity.
  2. Commonwealth of Austria-Hungary Capital City: Vienna, Budapest Government: Parliamentary Monarchist Formation: 1918 Required States: Austria, Hungary, Sudetenland. History: The Emperor of Austria-Hungary manages to convince the Entente to let A.H live under a democratic system and become a close Entente ally
  3. Anti-Bulgarian Victory in 2nd Balkan War finished.
  4. Hello All, I am currently making a mod for B.E II which plans to add Lots of Events and focusses for WW1 and the years leading up to it. There will be content from 1911 - 1933, but there will be little content past early 1920s There will be content for all the Major European Powers in the Great War. Currently i am adding flavour events into the mod such as Balkan Wars (Done) Italo-Turkish War (Done) Assasionation of Franz Ferdinland (Done) Beginning off the Great War (Done) First Battle of the Marne (Done) North Sea Blockade
  5. verify game files if you use steam on pc.
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