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  1. Certainly, AoH2 getting less and less popular. So if i were to continue the project, it wouldn't be for AoH2 mod.
  2. What Prefer belgian Fries or french

    1. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      fastfood is bad for your health

  3. Hello am have ideas scenario alternative history reddit have but what good ? also little map alternative history map front deviation art

    1. Lakhal new

      Lakhal new

      first one say what happens demons invasion earth year 1916 also human victory again demonsΒ 

      starts cold war American- Japan empire end victory usaΒ  Japan empire collapse


    2. Lipark Japanese modder
  4. do you know belgium katanga? hehe colonial problem can't be explained by aoh2 system. need new code
  5. No time for playing games and modding.Β 

    I'm jealous you are playing aoh2 enough

    1. Kingpvz


      school destroys life of billions of people...

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