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  1. dont make this dead mod
  2. what? do you need background? i have some state background
  3. okay my apologizes were really generic and "in order to undo my childish actions", I understand your dislike.

    why am I saying that? idk too

  4. make videos about it, let kerem play this mod.
  5. Japan path (?) Decisions                            Tenpo ReformsA closed country(Introductions)              ・Official Renewal -ok                         -1% H, +0.01 TTenpo Famine!                     ・Military Reform -terrible hazard (-5% E,-10% P, -20% H) +0.02 T, -50,000$ Oshio Hehachiro's Rebellution in Osaka ・loose the closed trade -stop them! (-100% H)                 +5% E, +20,000$, +
  6. Are you and hacktor in a collablation for evely mod?

    1. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      not really. i help hacktor rather than collablation. 

  7. just input the file and How many events are there? is there any changes in the game system? like new unit, enhanced fort, maxinum army to attack etc.
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