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  1. That would not be realistic at all... It could be if he makes a core for them but it would not be realistic to give them provinces.
  2. Vay be son zamanlarda yapılan bütün HOI4 modlarına bakıyorum da gerçek HOı4 oynamak isteyip te PC si kaldırmadığı için bu oyunu oynayıp bu oyuna bir HOI4 modu yapılmasını isteyen ne kadar çok insan varmış bu sitede... tabi bende onlardan birisiyim 😄
  3. Nice to meet you. And I'm Anti spam-bot.
  4. When there is a non-colonized province on the map, all countries get 10 units to colonize there first. If you look closely, you can see 10 units from each country in each sea province. That's why it causes performance issues. Even if a single province is empty, it can slow down game performance until someone colonizes it.
  5. If you can do it all, that will be great!
  6. I wanted some background like this since the first day Conqueror's came out. Thank you.
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