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  1. Well im great Britain iv colonized a quarter of The usa some of Africa some of South America and some of Australia also i took over france irland and Scotland and denmark. Iv assimilateed most places to atleast 60% i deal with rebels when they show up. But they show up so often my War weariness will never go down on top of this while i have reble problems other nations declare war on me. So i have to fight Neverending rebels and other nations. I have allies to help but they then dont let me ask for peace because they want to gain territory. So the wars drag on and more people declare war. Im b
  2. Basically as is said in the long title. I have a game where i have 100% war weariness and ones it goes down to like 99% rebals spawn which then makes my wearness go right back up puting me at 100%. This means you will always have rebels spawn with no chance for any peace. Way to fix this easily would be to make it that rebels dont increase your war wariness. Because currently iv went like 1000 years in game where like every other turn rebals show up right after i deal with the 3 others that showed up 2 turns ago.
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