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  1. for those who were wondering on a timeline, this mod will release its first version before the end of the year
  2. France, germany, uk, russia, japan, us, brazil
  3. the scenario and borders are done, im currently adding in ideological flag variants, Leader portraits, and events
  4. Inaccuracies in the map: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are facing off against reds, the US occupies Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, Makhno, as well as several republican and soviet governments are in ukraine, and Hungary owns slovakia if you start the scenario with the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence.
  5. @Simon Wilford (india technically got reworked but idk if they have implemented it yet
  6. a list of errors i can see just from a glance: 1. Shammar is independent in KR (it is a civ in base game i believe) 2. Ethiopia is split between Abyssinia in the north and somalia in the South 3. The A.O.G no longer exists in china (it was replaced by the KMT republic of china) 4. India was changed
  7. looks fine, adding names to the tags isnt essential as long as the tags/civs make sense
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