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  1. Si al fin un mapa de mi pais, gylala puedes hacer un mapa de centroamerica Porcierto hice 2 escenarios If at last a map of my country, gylala can you make a map of Central America By the way I did 2 scenarios
  2. Este escenario del mapa tierra, que es sobre el Imperio Austro-Húngaro Descarga PC Austria-Hungría.rar
  3. Este escenario del mapa tierra, que es sobre el risorgimento de Italia This scene of the earth map, which is on the risorgimento of Italy Doawload PC risorgimento.rar
  4. This is a combination of maps by GyLala and Conquerors 2.With my own scenarios the combinations of mods is in the development phase. The combination brings the modified Age_of_Civilizations file so that you can play the combination just pasting the files.
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