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  1. Infelizmente, por forças do destino, meu jogo ficou corrompido, eu perdi meu cenário, todo trabalho que fiz nele, eu até tenho arquivos mais antigos do mod no mega, mas por falta apenas os arquivos de civilizações que criei como Afrika Korps, entre outras fiz, jogo não permite abrir o cenário
  2. Exemplo de algumas imagens de eventos do meu antigo mod Ww2, começava 1936 até 1942
  3. Já fiz alguns mods, exemplo de um mod meu sobre Segunda Guerra Mundial com centenas de eventos, mas nunca cheguei termina (Por causa de um bug), mas eu tenho experiência fazer eventos, meu problema dificuldade em cria civilizações Então se você precisa de ajuda na questão de cria eventos, pode contar comigo, minha dúvida é, como vai funcionar essa parceria?
  4. Hi, I would like some kind of "building manager" to be added to the mod, to build buildings automatically. It's very boring to do this alone, especially when you have a lot of provinces.
  5. I liked the mod proposal, in case everything is ok, it will not only be a revolution here for the community, but maybe a better mod
  6. I make mods, I convince Aoc2 never made my job easier, leaving us stressed and paranoid, but now I see I can make mods more efficiently and quickly, I hope I have options to place images of events or place more than one nation will receive the event, because it manually places the same event for each nation, meaningless suffering, I will test your software, if it is as good as it says, I will pay you my money
  7. In this case @Trans-Amur you could put an option in the game, when we choose a scenario, there are options below aggressiveness, hard mode etc. Would you be able to put an option in this location like "minimum troops" for it to attack, without having to leave the game all the time to change the code, could you? So I would leave at least 100 troops in the old age or middle age, in the modern age I could increase it to 1,000 or even 10,000, this option would be interesting in the game, it would avoid a lot of bloody frontiers in all scenarios, instead some specific ones like average age 10
  8. @Trans-Amur is it possible for you to make modifications to the game so that events take place for all countries or for specific countries? How boring for us to manually place the same event for several countries That's why it would help a lot to have the option to add countries to this event, instead of everything manually, it would help a lot the mods community
  9. More than 1 year ago, there was a Taiwanese who was developing a mod, he was changing the game code, he basically revolutionized the game, economy, battles as an example, no matter the size of the army, if the enemy had advantageous terrain like river or mountain and if you attacked, you would suffer severe defeat, in addition to Military technology etc. Besides the option to assimilate, recruit and invest all provinces at once, there were other things I don't remember for sure, but he was developing with Discord, but it seems he was developing with Android, he didn't know how to share his mo
  10. Relax friend, when you become the best at what you do, there won't always be people looking at it with good ones, you'll take away their shines or opportunities to shine, that's not your fault, in my opinion blamed on the developer who made the Aoc2 code half bowl and community only know how to make scenarios instead mods really modify the game as you did, and I recognize there are countless people made good mods, but most do not even get to share their mods, since many still don't know how to share, who's on cell phones this task make not only worse but impossible, losing future mods...
  11. If you can do it, I'll pay you, but as a difficult task, I doubt you can, but I want it's wrong, good luck 👍
  12. Can you write the game code to make it an RTS? It must be difficult or nearly impossible task with these confusing developer source codes...
  13. It is not possible for an enemy (which is an alliance) to send peace separately to you, but when they do, it is something together of the members of the alliance, but I know that it is possible for you to send a separate peace treaty to an enemy of yours who is in your ally's war , problem that however you send peace separately to some enemy country is some alliance, your allies are involved in this alliance, not something you do alone...
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