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  1. But the mod hasn't released yet, it's planned to be release until June of this year bro
  2. I think it's better change the Satellite State for a Protectorat state because Satellite State is more a term for a Cold War scenario such as for Soviet Union satellite states so, we are more in a imperialist scenario it's better add protectorat state, specially for the colonies 🙂
  3. That's Very nice!Especially if has formable civilizations for american and african tribes.
  4. Omg this scenario looks so amazing!Specially that you converted for Android! In next uptade, it wil be more formable civilizations and events for the game?Please, don't stop your working it is Phenomenal!
  5. Also, new factions during the yugoslavia separation (Chetniks X Partisans) and the Italian Civil war (1943)
  6. Can you add all the stages of ww2 like, Invasion of Poland(1939), Italy enters in the war (1940), operation Barbarossa (1941), United States enters in ww2 against Japan (1942), Invasion of Italy by the allies (1943), Reconquest of France by the allies (1944) ,The last days of the third reich(1945) and maybe a alternative scenario were the axis won Add more Ideologies: Military dictadorship (for Nationalist China and warlords); Nacional-Socialism for germany. Constitucional Monarchy And more if you want. Please fix Tsardom of Bulgaria and chinese warlords flag
  7. Tem como pelo menos adicionar ideologias brasileiras? Tipo, Integralismo, Monarquia Moderada, Castilhismo... Só como forma de Patriotismo.Aliás, você vai mudar várias bandeiras conforme a ideologia né?Também, pretendes fazer eventos, novas civs e outras civilizações formáveis pro mod?
  8. Sim, o ruim é que ele nem comunica nem nada sobre o "progresso" do mod.
  9. Please Add This Flag of Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and Algarves, and Colonial Flags of these countries in the American Colonial Period.
  10. Yea, it will give more historically and geographically accurate map in the cold war scenarios 😭
  11. Plz in 1936 Scenario Fix UK, Sweeden,Norway,Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Bulgarian flags, they are historically wrong
  12. I would love if someone convert this mod to android ;-;
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