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  1. I think this map would make great regional scenario, especially as ancient scenarios are rather lacking in the base game and most mods.
  2. In the 1792 scenario, Andrew Jackson is the president of the U.S., which is incorrect, since George Washington was president at that time. Also, the uncolonized part of the U.S. southeast (Including Georgia and parts of Alabama) should be apart of the U.S. at this point. Also, if you separate Jamaica from Haiti (which you should), it was a English/British colony from 1670-1962 and should be apart of Britain in all of the affected scenarios.
  3. I was thinking, the War of the Triple Alliance would make an awesome regional scenario featuring South America, especially since A House Divided is regional (which takes place not long before the War of the Triple Alliance). Also, a Crimean War regional scenario could be cool (Napoleon III!)
  4. I also think that the crusades would be a good addition, sometime in the future. The Kingdom of Jerusalem is one of my favorite states.
  5. The mod looks excellent! Thank you very much for making it! I am curious, is my hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA a city? If not that's ok I was just curious.
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