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  1. im a but worried that this mod can't be brought alive. I will try to do something. But mine school hours are long. 8hours
  2. He wasn't intrested anymore and wanted the create another mod
  3. I think i know you need to redownload the scenario
  4. What, You know it's bcause of how many events there are and not cancer.
  5. It would be an great idea.but only if i have a team
  6. I didn't even play it i just tap An scenario and i get kicked.
  7. I know but it's paused for 1440
  8. Every time i select a scenario it kicks me out of the game and changed mine background
  9. I already knew but i can't do it now bcause im with mine dad not mom
  10. It might be your computer. It world perfectly on the others here
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