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  1. I stoppen because mine laptop crashes when i open several app at a time
  2. How to concert from pc to android

  3. yes,discord link in the start
  4. Every day another profile picture

  5. Imma add a poll from interesting or not
  6. Fast as possible,It Will be version 0.1 no events
  7. You sure it's are only events for release a Colony or reünie germany
  8. This is hopefully the first good cold war scenario. 11:59 is not so good mod. so yeah i wanted to fix this. Info: date:1945 10 october events currently:31 Countries with events:Indonesia(1),France(6),Canada(1),Venezuela(2),Equedor(1),Yugoslavia(1),Uk(10) Brazil(1),Albania(1),Siam(1),USA(2)U.S.S.R(2) Events until:4 january 1948 scenario: now in progress:events download:1633970648369ozefepli.rar discord: https://discord.gg/DA2UW87nUs
  9. Do u want a colonization mod. A detailed scramble for Africa. Or a decolonization. If yes this is the perfect mod for you. If no then maybe try it suggestion then type this: titel,who is getting the event,pretitel.decision,trigger 1:titel,what needs to happen if annex something send a picture. if desicion 2 do the same but just the second No screenshot because if a tak one it come 50 minutes later. Help: send a messenge and with what
  10. updated events for german empire and france
  11. mod is not dead its paused every two weekend
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