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  1. I was creating a map of Italy and I noticed a problem. The provinces I created have pratically no population and no economy. How can it be possible that Rome have 488 inhabitants and 300 of economy... even in the Middle Ages it was not so low. How can I fix this?
  2. Welllll, these are some of my ideas to improve the game: -better trade request: I was playing with Nazi Germany and I had all provinces of Greater German Reich exept for two siberian provinces owned by British Raj. I was the first in the leaderboard and Raj was 2th. I couldn't risk too much so I asked him to do a trade request: he gave me that 2 provinces and I would gave him 10.000.000 money. He refused.... I asked him another time with more of 10 million but he still refused. So I would like that trade request'll be better. For example with provinces trading. Also I've noticed that AI e
  3. If you want to create new wonders, like the actual world wonders (like Colosseum), you need a small image of the wonder, like 30x20 pixels. Put this image in Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\wonders\images. After that go to the wonders folder and into the file called wonders.json. In that file copy the text of another wonder and replace the text with information of that wonder, for example: This is Taj Mahal Name: "Taj Mahal", x: 3042, y: 1274, SinceYear: 1632, UntilYear: 100000, Image: "taj_mahal.png",
  4. Thanks so so much! Grazie!!!
  5. Thanks so much, could you do this also for 1200?
  6. Could someone send files of 1440 scenario and of 1200, because mine are damaged and when I load the game with they, it crashes at 99%
  7. In 9:01, when you conquer the new province, only a little part has been coloured, can we fix that?
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