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    Okay, anything I contact to see it and it went wrong tomorrow, maybe I'll sign in thanks for the tip
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  2. princedemchugdongrub

    Save the game

    I don't recommend clicking 'Continue Game', i'm pretty sure you still have your save file when you click 'Load Game'.
  3. princedemchugdongrub

    Game Exits when I click a button

    The problem happened alot to me too, but there's no way Lukasz could fix it, its when your taskbar still overlays the game, so if you click too low, it exits, however it doesn't completely quit the game, you just have to click back on it, my best advice to fix the bug temporarily is just to turn off and on your computer, if you want a quicker one, just move your taskbar to the right side and dont click near it. Hope that helps.
  4. princedemchugdongrub

    Occupation in Map Editor

    did you understand the question
  5. princedemchugdongrub

    Occupation in Map Editor

    If I wanted to create a scenario in Mid WW2, let's say 1942, I would want to make it that instead of Germany owning all of its occupation in the USSR or Japan in China.
  6. princedemchugdongrub

    Chexier's Present Day Mod - Modern World, but improved

    Are the new government types only for the Modern era?
  7. princedemchugdongrub

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Is there any way that the Addon+ could be downloaded in something else other than .rar?
  8. princedemchugdongrub

    MOAR provinces mod

    This is going wonderfully, however you gotta add all those cities 😮 😮 :O
  9. princedemchugdongrub

    How to make a very large Teutonic Order

    1. Improve relations with Lithuania 2. Form alliance with Lithuania 3. Beat up Poland, puppet Masovia 4. Beat up Pomerania 5. Once relations are good enough with Lithuania, form union 6. Change government to your choice, (It will be renamed Teutonic Order then) 7. Conquer alot more things 8. ???????? 9 Profit
  10. princedemchugdongrub

    What if Rapa Nui won WW1?

    I will post this on the mods page when i find out how to make this a mod, but i've only done the map, no events, but with some alliances. However this scenario is a big meme I still would want to add some confusing lore and stuff.
  11. princedemchugdongrub

    How do I download AOC2 mods?

    what do i do now
  12. princedemchugdongrub

    How do I download AOC2 mods?

    Ok so sorry but I'm really dumb but I don't see aoc2 being a folder, just a shortcut
  13. princedemchugdongrub

    How do I download AOC2 mods?

    Myself, I've never fiddled with mods before, unless being on the Steam workshop, and I'd like to know how to download AOC2 mods because this community makes great scenarios, thanks in advance.
  14. princedemchugdongrub


    That is correct, however I was pointing out how it very slowly improves the economy of all the provinces, not just increasing the economy by alot in just one province.
  15. princedemchugdongrub


    Well I didn't see that post, my bad then.