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  1. yeah this usually happens and its normal, trust me. what you wanna do is drag the window to like the middle until the taskbar below disappears.
  2. make sure to check your folders in AOC2, if you find the maps in there, replace them 1. go to steam 2. right click on age of civilizations 2 3. click properties 4. browse files 5. do it if they arent there, i can give you the map (since you already payed for the game)
  3. make antarctica neutral so like i can colonize it as like yemen or liberia
  4. You can always try the ol' uninstall & then reinstall the game first, before anything
  5. You first click the province, then click "More" then scroll down to Invest, it will only slightly make the province better, but after repeatedly doing that it'll 'restore the economy' of it
  6. I'm definitely not sure how long this has been here, but I just saw it today, but to me, it does look like the AOC2 Workshop is here bois! However, I don't think there's a way to post stuff on it (yet), but it IS HERE.
  7. Nganasan Nganasan is a 0.1 Technology, 99 economy in the uppermost Siberian province, even the neighboring siberian tribes are stronger than you.
  8. very cool good nice epic mod so far, but do some fixing on africa, it kinda looks dumb
  9. What if Rapa Nui won WW1? RapaNuiScenario.zip
  10. those borders could use some fixing
  11. okay, never made a map before, so this'll be my first, atleast i'll try.
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