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  1. very cool good nice epic mod so far, but do some fixing on africa, it kinda looks dumb
  2. What if Rapa Nui won WW1? RapaNuiScenario.zip
  3. those borders could use some fixing
  4. cant someone ask lukasz to work on aoc2 for him
  5. okay, never made a map before, so this'll be my first, atleast i'll try.
  6. watched the stream where you made it
  7. I can try to do that, but don't count on me on all those siberian nations
  8. If you want to keep the land, then change your government and back, the name & flag will change back to Ukraine, if not, do the same process but with releasing belarus as a vassal, optionally, you liberate them aswell. Hope that helped.

    Okay, anything I contact to see it and it went wrong tomorrow, maybe I'll sign in thanks for the tip
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  10. I don't recommend clicking 'Continue Game', i'm pretty sure you still have your save file when you click 'Load Game'.
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