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  1. I managed to conquer the world with Russia in the modern world unfortunately the save does not work
  2. interesting. you should change the name from nazism to national socialism
  3. @Simon Wilford I know it is your mod but it seems to me that it makes no sense not to launch it even so that we do not report bugs in fact it seems to me that launching it now and then when you update the mod again you already know all the bugs that you have to fix is the best idea
  4. @Simon Wilford Does the like you gave to poland_in_1936 mean that you will upload it?
  5. @Simon WilfordCould you change Trascaucasia for the union of Don-Kuban? also I don't know why finland is part of sweden on the kaiserreich maps i found finland is independent.
  6. I was already scared 😅
  7. @ Simon WilfordSo Algeria, Libya, Brazil, etc are immortal
  8. @Simon Wilford I see that you will add “untouchable” provinces on the map but then they cannot be conquered? Let me explain: how are those untouchable provinces ¨conquered¨ since I can conquer all of Algeria but I cannot take the Sahara will your scenarios bring events?
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