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  1. Click option when u click new game
  2. Game editor>Map editor>Create city
  3. Kelvinnn


    Maybe create a brand new civ, and set the leader to the new leader, and make the new civ annex the old civ
  4. I have no idea how to fix this, maybe use some basic method like reinstall
  5. not install yet but just asking is chinese civil war in this game?
  6. but why china take eastern russia, china and russia is allies
  7. well that most likely wont happen bc only lukasz have the open source to edit the game. the community can edit the file only, not the script.
  8. aoc3 isn't confirmed yet, he only said that he will make a new game
  9. i think u need some kind of app for it
  10. the game will not have update anymore
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