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Age of Civilizations


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  1. Bruh i study history of southeast asia before. thailand only gain a small part of cambodia and laos from french indochina with help of japan in ww2
  2. but this scenario is 1943
  3. difficulties at which part, after installed or installing or what?
  4. Kelvinnn

    Problem with game

    reinstall the game or reset ur pc
  5. is your pc spec meet the minimum requirement of the game?
  6. 98% no update for aoc2, maybe aoc3 coming
  7. Kelvinnn

    Problem with game

    android or ios or steam?
  8. Kelvinnn

    Game wont save

    what device u use?
  9. Kelvinnn


    edit the game file with file explorer if ur on pc
  10. Kelvinnn

    Bugs & Inaccuracies

    community cant do bug fix for the game, cuz the only open source is in lukasz hand
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