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  1. What things will be added or change in the next update @Aryan?
  2. That's a nice leak man I can't believe Rick Astley will be added in thenext update. Can't wait!
  3. Okay add Hyperborea in Aryan Brotherhood if u can tho
  4. Will you add Tomsk Election but using the vassal system?
  5. When will be more russian unifiers?
  6. @Dmitry Buntwhen will you add new events?
  7. Theres no other choice only recruiting an army (before the softlock event)
  8. And @Aryan why you cannot choose options in Republic of China's event "army restrictions of Japan"?
  9. If you play as the Großgermanischess reich the alliance will be disbanded but if you dont play as Großgermanischess reich the alliance will still be there
  10. I wish theres like Tomsk power struggle like Komi and Großgermanischess reich
  11. I thought it was Saturday or Sunday @Aryan
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