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  1. There are a few spelling errors, here is the correct spelling: 1918 Kaiserschlacht, 1936 Friedrich(maybe), 1936 Führerreich, 1944 Götterdämmerung, 1944 Kampf für das Vaterland, 1945 Endsieg,
  2. Nr. 7 Crimea is a part of Ukraine.
  3. sry, i replied to mr. anti-Spam bot, that i don't think that this "mod" is a Secret.
  4. Naja Streng geheim finde ich das nicht 😄 Mr. Anti Spam Bot
  5. if you wait, until it's released ??
  6. lets see if this will be released or not.
  7. Good Work so far, greetings from Germany!!
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