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  1. @ivr17 Please Relaese This Mod In This Year We Don’t Care The Month We Can Wait But Please Launch It This Year🥺🤝
  2. @ivr17 I Hope You Add Or Added Good Atmospheric Music Like Bloody Europe 2 Songs Or More Attractive Background Music For The Theme.
  3. @ivr17 At Least Add The Bloody Europe 2 Mechanic System Is Advanced And Unique Than In The Original Game.
  4. I Think The Mod Is Not Dead They Are Iván Is Probably Busy Finishing With The Mod And Only Because A Addon 3.0 Came Out Doesn’t Mean This Mod Is Dead Or Because Ivan Hasn’t Done A Announcement About The Monthly Report Of The Mod The Mod Is Alive But Probably Working On Until The Realased Date.
  5. It Doesn’t Open The Game I Run It As Administrator And Windows 8 Compatibility And It Crashes Do This Have A Solution ? Even Turning Off Windows Antivirus To Allow The App To Run But It Crashes Instantly.
  6. This Is More Detailed And Realistic Than EU4 Civilizations Tribes.
  7. It’s True I Thinked The Same Way And Obviously It’s A April Fool,s Joke I’ll Give A Opinion If He Doenst Goes Online On The Plataform Or Doesn’t Publish The Monthly Resume Of The Mod What New Feutures Had Added To The Mod Or Has Updated Is Because The Mod Is Dead Or For Real Ivan Is Dead Let’s Wait Unitil 10 Of April To See Of Happens Or What Will Happen Before 10 Of April
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