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  1. Nice! Keep going bro! I'm glad that there a people like you ♥
  2. I am really really sorry for you, unfortunalty my computer broke. So I wasn't abled to finish my project. I apologize. But I promise, that I'm going to start the project soon again. Now I've got a newer and better computer.
  3. I just finished the province-selecting. I'm going to start with the Background and Cities. This map includes 444 provinces.
  4. thanks, I'm nearly done with the province map. Soon the rest starts. :)
  5. That's how it looks like so far.
  6. Hello, my friends! I simply wanted to inform you that I am currently working on a map, which will include the entire Federal Republic of Germany and its respective cities, districts and city states. I think I’ll finish in February. I estimate in the middle/end of February to describe it more precisely. The following scenarios are planned: -Bundesländer -Kalter Krieg -> Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) & Deutsche Democratic Republik (DDR) -Independent circles/cities In addition, I will try all to put growth rates and areas such as e.g. Swamps or lowlands on
  7. Hallo Freunde! Ich wollte euch lediglich mitteilen, dass ich derzeit an einer Karte rumtüftle, es wird die gesamte Bundesrepublik Deutschland und ihre jeweiligen Stadte, Kreise und Stadtstaaten beinhalten. Ich denke, dass ich im Februar fertig werde. Ich schätze eher Mitte/Ende Februar um es genauer zu beschreiben. Es sind folgende Szenarien geplant: -Bundesländer -Kalter Krieg -> Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) & Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) -Unabhängige Kreise/Städte Zusätzlich werde ich versuchen alle Wachstumsraten und Gebiete wie bspw.
  8. My reign has just began. 🙂
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