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  1. I'm on mobile but when I launched the game, it was the original game not the mod. I tried to check the map list and nothing was new
  2. I would like to see more Napoleonic scenarios and also fix the map scale, I can't move troops properly without the font being extremely huge( I'm on mobile)
  3. Pls fix Hungary world war 2 borders(I'm talking about the province in Slovenia) and also Bulgaria ww1 border before the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine, it kept bordering me when I'm doing world war scenarios
  4. Delete the main age of civilization 2. Its a common problem when downloading a mod
  5. Kerem if you are seeing this(I hope you are), please revive Crusader mod and World+ If you have something to do like exam or just assignments, it's okay. All we want is just an update about it.
  6. Damn I have high hope for this mod Btw Simon, if you need any scenario ideas, here's some of my suggestions: -700BC -565 -1791 -1810 -Kaissereich -The New order -The man in the high castle -The Finnish Civil War(1919) -German Revolution of 1919
  7. Would be happy to see Napoleonic Wars scenarios but the new update is already good 👍👍👍
  8. This might be the best mod in the history of Age of Civilization or History lol (I know Addon+ and bloody europe and also Roma Invicta are also without a doubt the best mod but Conqueror II is just a mod that I would rather spend more time playing on)
  9. I just realised that in Modern World scenario, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital is wrong. It should be Sarajevo instead of Tuzla. Please fix lol
  10. It's been almost 3 years and it still haven't release 😧 hope this mod won't die like other good mods
  11. Really hope Lukasz will ban that dude. I fucking hate these kinds of people. Glorifying Apartheid propaganda is a total fiasco, man. Why bother saying racist things? Is it because Freedom of Speech? If it is, why abuse it by attacking people? Like bruh, it's already 2021. Stop pretend it like it's 1861 or 1939. Abraham Lincoln once said: 'A nation divided by itself cannot stand.' And that nation is the community. Also, racism is uncool and its very childish
  12. It's because you already have another aoh2 app. In order to fix this is to delete the original one and download the mod 😄
  13. Bruh, where the fuck is you brain? Using the word 'Mongol' as an insult. It's very rude and if people do the same things to you, I bet u will reply with the same things as well. Btw, hatred and racism won't help the community. You are also slowing down the progress of the mod. So please, don't do anything stupid or dumb. No one likes it. Plus, have common sense when writing comments.
  14. The Ottoman Empire middle east border is so wrong, the border of ottoman empire shouldn't be Syria and Iraq border instead it should look like this https://images.app.goo.gl/UEuusjz7Cwt2U3rRA Edit: would be happy to see the change since most of aoh2 mods always make this mistake
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