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  1. Why cant my event work when i make an event in a scenario i put 2-1 decisions and greened the pop up an put description and all of that stuff but when i go to the game become the event recipient i cant see the event pop up or the description even worse the events effect's dont work neither of them i also check the time its sample its july 14th 44 bce thats the date of the event but it aint happening please help me
  2. Please help me Everytime I press next turn the waiting time Is too. Long it basically takes 8-12 seconds to finally start your turn Like it's turn 2 and I I'm about to press the next turn after that I have to wait a very long time to get into turn three also. This bug or glitch only happens In the modern world scenario I would really appreciate it if you help me solve this glitch or bug what kind of problem is this??
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    Guys how do I fix this problem When I load up a modern world scenario in aoc2 when I press the next turn button it becomes so slow it takes like 13 seconds To finally be in your turn also the problem only occurs when you load up modern world not other scenarios it will only happen in modern world And I will really appreciate it if you help me. Solve this problem
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