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  1. He must have forgotten because he's doing updates quite frequently
  2. Great to hear :), i see the German Principalities git new flags aswell, I'm pretty curious
  3. You plan on adding provinces to the map? I saw you'll add a lot to North America and there's also the princely states in India, specially the smaller ones, so there's that
  4. So I'm having problems with the game First, the initial 45% crash bug still happens after the first one The second one is this Idek what it's happening, but it happens after i leave and then enter again on my saved campaign, it changes the country i was playing before and diplomatic screen becomes inaccessible
  5. Hello, I'm his fake

  6. Well, it fixed itself, in the first day crashing a lot but now i can enjoy it smoothly Some questions about the mod, you plan on adding events? And how much do you plan on add?
  7. When you're playing as Komi or when the AI is playing as Komi?
  8. Marvellous! But i have a problem with it, it crashes every time, i tried to do a gameplay with Teke but it isn't going well because of the crashes
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