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  1. This is the first time I encounter such a problem, if you have discord, I can throw it from there.
  2. I don't fully understand the problem, what can you say
  3. Concent: 1.this scenario is an imaginary scenario 2.Inspired by today's turkey-greece causing tensions it has been made. 3.The scenario takes place in Anatolia, thNe Aegean Sea, a small part of the Balkans and a part of the Caucasus. 4.scenario takes place in 2021. Sides: Türkish Sides: Turkish,Azerbaijan,Albania,North Cyprus Greece Sides: Greece,Bulgaria,Armenia,South Cyprus Neutrals: Georgia,Macedonia WARNİNG: conquerors II v1.2 required to play the scenario Setup: Open Game Folder (... \ Conqueror's II v1.2 \
  4. Content: 1.this scenario only takes place in greece territory 2.There are those who want democracy management in Central Greece. While there is a communist group in the north that wants to get the Greeks into the eastern bloc run by the soviets, there is a group in the south of the country that wants to protect the Greek kingdom. 3.The scores of all 3 countries are equal, but the democracy side is supported by the public, so 2 points higher 4.this script is a semi-fiction half-real scenario. WARNİNG: conquerors II v1.2 required to play the scenario Set
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