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  1. So , I had worked for almost 3 days and made 800AD scenario ! Hope you like the screenshots of the game. I still have to add more things to the scenario . I had added soo many new civilizations and still I haven't worked on Americas . This game also contains 4 more provinces that I had made for my personal use but I will give you the scenario with the 4 new provinces . I had also added some civilizations for fun but they didnt change any much game experience . All the custom flags are not real . They are made by me . Tell me if you think that there are some issues in this scenar
  2. according to my knowledge ...... they are f useless .
  3. So this mod is basically a better re-make of my previous mod and in this mod you will get edited provinces, I have added more provinces. This mod focuses on one major scenario and that is INDIAN STATES !! All the Scenarios are as followed - 1.Indian States 2.AlternativeWorld 3.ModernWorld 4.Victorian Era So, I have modified Victorian Era and ModernWorld and I have made Indian States from Scratch. Also I have extremely modified ModernWorld and made it AlternativeWrold. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Note- I have not created any of the Flags, I
  4. try this https://drive.google.com/file/d/12_aFIJmFiUi88rS5IzlcT8UveekLMvaV/view?usp=sharing
  5. hey ! i made new link and u can download the new version here - https://mega.nz/folder/EcEzSarS#MvtQ6IBz2STVI-XIbfnGPQ
  6. sorry , i am also getting the same shitty error and my game also got corrupted , I will try to fix it and i will tell u asap
  7. hello the mod is released , u can download it from here - CLICK ME
  9. So I have done some MAJOR changes 1. MAP OF PARTITIONED INDIA - It has changed a lot , Hyderabad's size has been increased , Bengal has been made normal (it was crazy before this ) 2. NEW SCENARIOS ADDED - 1. INDO-PAK war with China and USA | 2. INDO-PAK war with Russia , South east Asia , Japan , Koreas , China and USA.| 3. LANKAN CIVIL WAR (with Indian states and Maldives) 3.MADE FUNNY CHARECTERS (INDIAN MEME PEOPLE) LEADER OF BRITISH MAP COLONIZED BY INDIA 4. PROJECT NAME DECIDED - PROJECT HIND (can be changed later )
  10. hey ! the game is nearly done i will upload it in 1-2 days
  11. DOWNLOAD LINK FOR MEGA.NZ - BETA-1.0 DOWNLOAD LINK FOR DRIVE - BETA-1.0 I am making MANY different scenarios , SOME of them are based on reality while SOME is for fun (there are more), 1 - Indian Sub-Divisions 2- India during Partition (it is not 100% correct i added some of the civilizations by my self ) 3 - British Isles but colonized by India . 4 - World War 2 (Alternative) 5- The Indian Subcontinent Map (Including - India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal , Bhutan , Myanmar civil war , Tibet and Afghanistan) 6- Indo-Pak Wars AN
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