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  1. How did lukaz create this game . i want to create a better game but i dont know where should i start . the first i need a tool to make . DO U KNOW WHAT TOOL HE USE
  2. yeah . stealer country chinese be like " every is our : ao dai , kimchi, south china sea , mongol ,.. " covie 19 " me too " chinese " nooooooooooo "
  3. what do u mean . name of province here
  4. i am not sure about economic and people at river province . but when 1 province become 2 small part because modder add river he can make it become bigger by adding 2 small part into another province or changing line to make it bigger
  5. can u add phu quoc island (1) for viet nam and hoang sa archipelago (2) and truong sa archipelago (3)
  6. about province around river it should different provinces. like 1 normal povince was splited 2 parts because modder add river so 2 part should become 2 province . but it wont make mod have too many provinces because modder can add those small part to another province
  7. i mean add river like province , 50% province , like u can build castle here but about built army , school , economic , i think it shouldn't have economic, people, build army base . i think modder should make player only can build castle for protect ,port.,move army to here (if there is something different ,modder will know , i am not sure )
  8. but mongol and viet nam just good at war so dont buff their economic
  9. u should add buff for some special country too ( like mongol or israel ) . they have bad land but they never weak , in game in 1444 scenario chinese can easy attack mongol but in real life chínese is very scare mogol . or like my country : vietnam . our country fighted with all big coutry like chinese (2000 years ) , mongol (3 times war with mongol empire ) , usa , france but we always win and still alive although my country are small and poor
  10. how about increase effection of epidemics and add natural disasters (like drought or storm ) . in game i never care disaster , but in real life it can make a country become weak and make them change their plan or stop their attacking to other country . u should increase effection of togographic on war and economic too because in war at game i never think about it
  11. u should increase turn for assimilation too because 40 turn is so little . it should become more , about 100 to force player keep army to control province they get from war (when i play game , after war i disband all army to get more many but A.I keep their army so the game so easy ), u should increase power of Military rebels too ( they to weak in game ) and make them rebel more time to force player care their country more . u should limit number of army can add in 1 time to force player build army in many turn and 'dont disband all army and just build army when have war '
  12. i think we shouln't , it make game become bad . but i have an idea stop player just war
  13. i think u should increase A.i too , A.i so stupid , they never become allience together . so when i big i can easy attack them . u should add code what make u lose reputation score when u declare war , and country around u attack u when your reputation score too low to stop player just war and war continuity
  14. i think u are making wrong . The idea make river become provine aim make river become a long province what u can u it to stop enemy or go faster. so u should make 1 normal river become 1 province , just some too big river like amazon or nile become 3 or more . river should become long to force enemy have to across it so u can defend on it,u split it to many province so enemy dont need to go to your defend army , what they need are skip it by go in next to river province . river should long and connect many provine what allow your army go faster (like in my picture u can go from 6->5 faster
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