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  1. It was pretty bugged, especially for Androids, I remading it right now
  2. It will take a while, I still got a lot of work to do
  3. List of scenarios, that I already made or planned so far: ======================================= MERETHIC ERA ======================================= Begin of the Merethic Era Middle Merethic Era Ayleid's Empire Dragon War ======================================= FIRST ERA ======================================= 1E 1 1E 198 Alessian Uprising (1E 242) 1E 246 1E 355 1E 609 War of the First Council (1E 668) 1E 900 Siege of Orsinium (1E 950) 1E 1033 Summerset-Thrassian War (1E 1301) 1E 1427 The War of Rightcousness (1E 2321) 1E 2331 First Akavir In
  4. When I finish all planned scenarios (there still 4th era scenarios + some non-lore and alternative scenarios) I'm going to make forming civs (140 planned, probarly there will be more). Also, feel free to suggest some ideas, especially for scenarios and forming civs
  5. Another pack of scenarios (43 is ready, there will be more, than 50).
  6. Scenario marathon still going, almost done with Second Era
  7. This is a technical background, it will be replaced, when the actual new background is done
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