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  1. That would be really great and epic
  2. That's great, I meant that couldn't it be done like how you increase taxes To make it a bit more fast not in the perspective of realisticity but in the term of clicking hundred of times on the assimilate button Making assimilation realistic is a great idea
  3. Can the cost of assimilation be reduced I mean it is pretty annoying, You just assimilate half the turns and save money for it
  4. @Trans-Amur you are the best moder ever Bloody Europe is my favourite mod I just have one question what does the education and medicine and metallurgy do and also when will the next update be released we are hungry for the next update
  5. @trans-amur we are hungry for the next update
  6. Cant wait for the next update Great job @Trans-Amur you are one the best modder of the aoh2 community
  7. Ffs The link is in the discord server go to the front page and join it there you will find the link it's as easy as that
  8. You are doing a good job pal Changing things in the game code Is the "real modding"
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