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  1. Dude can you give a download link on mediafire or mega becouse the google drive doesn't work its says wait 24 hours and it also doesn't support pouse between download
  2. You can use this background on android too you just need to use mt manager app to import the background
  3. HeHey simon remove the scale x1 files becouse nobody plays at that scale keep only x3 files then maybe it would work
  4. Well good luck boys we have tried to convert it but we failed let's see what you could do anyway good luck
  5. It's been so long since last update 6 months maybe you can release the mod update with europe and asia and America and south America later
  6. He said that the mod will be released adroid in 12 hours from now
  7. Simon dude you have some serious weirdos on your discord server
  8. Sorry What do you mean by progress restarted will it come to android by tomorrow or will it take some more day
  9. Any progress on the android version
  10. Dont push yourself bro you did a great job and you should be proud of yourself to give time to make this mod even if this mod has flaws it is a good start and sometimes a good start is all that a person needs for motivation
  11. Yeah man dont criticize the modder. making mods are hard and he has made 16000+ provinces so it is ok if there are some border mistakes these things tend to happen when a project is big and I am sure things will be great and perfect in the next update and I am waiting with a lot of patience for the mod to release on android 🙏🙏as you cant carry your computer everywhere (i am sure I will sell that peace of junk for a computer this year )but all in all it is a great mod looking forward for your next update 👍👍
  12. When will the android release come pleas release it as soon as you can pleas answer because sounds like it is a great mod and it should also be released on android
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