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  1. Because it has the version number 1.13, does it mean this update is called "Update Aquatic"?
  2. Hahaha, more mods, more fun! Get some rest, Simon, you will need that to develop more mods, GO SIMON GO!
  3. A mod based on a mod. How cool is that?
  4. Pls choose your fav game 🙂
  5. Wait i dont think i say rerererererere
  6. Ty i've download it and its amazing
  7. Sorry man i missed the diffrence from making android executable files and publishing apps to google play store
  8. Do you have paid for Android Developer account?
  9. Linux geeks please help this mod to come to android, because android is linux, right?
  10. I mean ww3 scenario
  11. So i made a ww3, and almost every country in the world is fighting, and i was expecting a major difference in korea peninsula, but, this happens instead. As you can see, china and russia is in a very bad conditions, but, korea, are you kidding me?
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