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  1. I Downloaded The Files For The Editor And As I Run The Exe File It Says That A Java or jar File Cannot Be Opened Or Smthn If Anyone Can Fix This Contact Me
  2. When I Try Loading A Map I Made Ingame It Crashes
  3. It Might Be Possible To Change Via The Game Files
  4. Musocen

    Irodus Fanmade

    Mine Too They Crash When I Open Them Ingame
  5. It Is Literally Called Map Editor Ingame
  6. Musocen

    Map Won't Load

    So I have Been Modding A Map For Quite Some Time.I Decided To Test Run It Once I Had Completed 550 Provinces So transfered The Province Files I Made To A New Map File In The AOC2 Localization files.I Changed all That was Necessary (/data/provinces,update) for the provnces and (config as well as The Age_of_civilizations.json) all was set up as I Followed A Tutorial Here.Now The Only Thing I Had To Do Is Set The Connections.I enterned the game and the ingame editor then i selected my map and as it started loading the game crashed.I tryed again and the result was the same.I checked the file again
  7. I Am Having problems When I try to load the map ingame it crashes even though i followed every step
  8. Musocen

    Irodus Fanmade

    Still In Progress. I Think It Can Be A very Good Project The Province Map Is Barely 10.000x9500 px and 2.6mb in size Though I Am A beginner In AoC2 Map Editing I Think I can make it (The Specific Map Is Just A Showcase Of The Map Overall [793kb 9140x8510 px]
  9. This Fits For The Name Arnaud Jaccoud 😛
  10. If Anyone has The Map Editor That Works Plz Send The FIles Here Musoc4ever@gmail.com
  11. It Doesnt Open It Says That The Jar File Cannot be opened plz help
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