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  1. I Downloaded The Files For The Editor And As I Run The Exe File It Says That A Java or jar File Cannot Be Opened Or Smthn If Anyone Can Fix This Contact Me
  2. When I Try Loading A Map I Made Ingame It Crashes
  3. It Might Be Possible To Change Via The Game Files
  4. Musocen

    Irodus Fanmade

    Mine Too They Crash When I Open Them Ingame
  5. Musocen

    Map Editor Problems

    It Is Literally Called Map Editor Ingame
  6. Musocen

    Map Won't Load

    So I have Been Modding A Map For Quite Some Time.I Decided To Test Run It Once I Had Completed 550 Provinces So transfered The Province Files I Made To A New Map File In The AOC2 Localization files.I Changed all That was Necessary (/data/provinces,update) for the provnces and (config as well as The Age_of_civilizations.json) all was set up as I Followed A Tutorial Here.Now The Only Thing I Had To Do Is Set The Connections.I enterned the game and the ingame editor then i selected my map and as it started loading the game crashed.I tryed again and the result was the same.I checked the file again all where right.I edited some of them and yet again the game wouldn't run the map when i loaded it. If Anyone has an anwser or maybe can help me with rechecking the map files plz reply
  7. I Am Having problems When I try to load the map ingame it crashes even though i followed every step
  8. Musocen

    Irodus Fanmade

    Still In Progress. I Think It Can Be A very Good Project The Province Map Is Barely 10.000x9500 px and 2.6mb in size Though I Am A beginner In AoC2 Map Editing I Think I can make it (The Specific Map Is Just A Showcase Of The Map Overall [793kb 9140x8510 px]
  9. This Fits For The Name Arnaud Jaccoud 😛
  10. Musocen

    Map Editor Problems

    If Anyone has The Map Editor That Works Plz Send The FIles Here Musoc4ever@gmail.com
  11. It Doesnt Open It Says That The Jar File Cannot be opened plz help
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