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  1. we don't steal ideas, bro. When the mod comes out, you will examine it, if anything happens, you can write to me. Discord: Fırat Samet Avcı # 6842
  2. Mod bizim ilk modumuz knk. çok büyük şeyler beklemiyorum. Ama en azından güzel bir iş çıkarmak istiyorum. eleştirin için çok teşekkürler. Elimizden geldiğince eleştirilere göre modu düzenliyoruz..
  3. Dark Europe Will Be Our First Mode. We Will Remove Mods After Dark Europe. No Stealing Situation. We started making this mod without knowing that Simon was doing the Hoi4 Mode. Thanks for Your Criticism
  4. We are making mods ourselves. we do not interfere with anyone , we do not comment on anyone.
  5. Make Sure We Started This Mode Without Knowing Simon Is Working On This HOİ4 Mod
  6. I added the video. In the pictures will come soon
  7. discord var knkm. beni arkadaş olarak ekle konuşalım daha detaylı :D. Fırat Samet Avcı#6842
  8. I have no competitors with aoh2moddingtr. I'm making a mod on my own. You cannot call me a thief, you came with a fake, you did not even dare to come with your real account.
  9. DARK EUROPE (HOİ4 MODE) Makings: - HOİ4 States - 6.000 - 7.000 Provinces - New Background - HOİ4 Font - New Musics - New Leader Pictures - New Sound Effects - 3 World War 2 Scenario (V1,V2,V3) - Focus Tree With Events - Special Pictures For Each Scenario - Adjusted Power Points On Each Leader - New Ideologies - New Icons - 25+ Scenarios İmages: ( Pictures Will Come Soon :)) Modder Group: - Firat_050 (Tr) - Wertefer (Tr) - Modderali_40 (Tr) - İlbey (Tr) - Ugur (Tr)
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