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  1. Ah. They are some Non-English characters expect "İ" or "Ü". It's a classic bug of AoC2. Sorry for late reply!
  2. Frankreich is a alternative history. During end of WWI Britain,France falled on a civil war Russia aswell.But they were aldready won this war so Central Powers didn`t won.But they were alternative treatries for example Ottomans are compeletly removed so they collapse into 8 countries.Germans are collapsed 2 nations they are Frankfurt Rebuplic and New Prussia. Over 50 New Nations New Ideologies New Leaders And more... Major Nations:Kamalists,Ittihak ve Terakki,Frankfurt Rebuplic,French State,English Rebuplic,House of Christ,RSRFR,Russian Rebuplic,Sulh-u Osmaniye,Greece,Etnik-i Eterya,Arabian Caliphate and more... Minor Nations:Malatya,Armenia,Agri,Farsêli...
  3. ikr but i am asking Turkey (animal) is Turkey (State)?
  4. Turkey is Turkey?
  5. when it will relased ?
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