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  1. And please weaken Borman and strengthen the other members of GCW
  2. @Aryan, there is one problem: when Germany regains control of the RK, in they begin uprisings and the RK disintegrate, probably because it hasn't money.
  3. Does anyone know how to fix this???? (restarting the game doesn't help)
  4. Aryan will content be added for Germany in the near future after the end of the civil war ??? For example the collapse of the country under Heydrich and the confrontation with Himmler or Goerings expansion into Europe
  5. I fixed it in the editor and everything works
  6. That's why the first 10 moves rewind slowly. You just need to make them empty or give to some country
  7. How can l play for divine mandat of Siberia???
  8. There is one problem, for example, when China declares independence, Japan declares war on it and China calls for war countries are allies and vassals of Japan. So Japan is at war with half of Asia
  9. When will the next update and what will be in it ?
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