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  1. #2 Mod Development Report. - The San-Fierro region has been completed - Added civilizations (gangs) - Changing the game design - A new developer Darkwood#4568 has joined the development
  2. I will be glad when the beta version of the mod is released and you try it.
  3. Press F to Respect

  4. #1 Mod Development Report. - The map will be finished soon - Development is slow due to lack of time and assistants - Game design changes - Fixed translation errors in Russian - Scenarios and events are being prepared.
  5. А вы знали, что я коммунист


  6. Ай вонт АоЦ 3

  7. Привет русскому разработчику от русского разработчика🖐️

  8. Age of Gang - a mod created in honor of the GTA San Andreas game This mod has the following features: - Fictional ideologies of states - ≈1000 provinces on the map (this is only approximately, the mod is in the alpha test and it is not known how many provinces there will actually be). - New States(gangs) - New Fonts - Events on the history of GTA SA - Support for Russian and English languages - New formable states(gangs) - Other things Los Santos - 100% San Fierro - 100% Las Venturas - 13% Red County - 0% Bone County -
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