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  1. Guys I am sorry about not replying your questions because I am staying in dormitory because of that I can only make something new in weekend this is the WW1 sceniero screenshot from my game if you want to play it I will share it but of course if you want to play it you must download my mod because of governments pallets of colours etc. And I am not gona share it on Android because I don't know how to do it and because of its size its about 500 megabytes and it's too big for phones but maybe if ı get some help ı don't refuse probably
  2. I am really sure i looked everywhere but i cant find it
  3. An Hearts Of Iron 4 mod for Age Of History 2 -Almost every leader and country has a portrait -new musics -new sounds -about 30 new ideology --Mostly Hearts Of Iron 4 icons -Probably every nation (who has focus tree in Hoi4) will have an focus tree and events !NOT CERTAİN! -Probably new civilizations color pallets AND It is still in beta if my idea will not change I am gona share it with this community I am gona share some photos from the mod soon https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KkR6OYNFQZSt4xSx4mdEMS4GGZqo4FE7/view?usp=sharing
  4. Guys when I changed game icon it shows me bottom thing I don't know how to fix it
  5. Lupus

    Inner Borders

    dont worry ı find it yesterday if you want to ı can tell
  6. Lupus

    Inner Borders

    Guys I am looking for a long time in game for finding inner border thing but I can't find it where should I look to find it?
  7. Man actually I am looking for a help. Can you say me where is the city icons(like town capital and metropolis) because I looked everywhere in the game but I cant find it
  8. Aga eğer bilgisayarda yapıyorsa onun bir yolu yok sanırım Lipark sağolsun mobilden nasıl olduğunu anlattı ama ben pc üzerinden olanını bulamadım
  9. I am agree with you but Road The 56 also has negative things I hope they make it perfect
  10. Bence vanilladan çünkü odak simgeleri de vanilladan Ama umarım İtalya'nın odağını Road The 56 dan alır
  11. But you must wait for a week or two week because I don't access to it but I will access a soon as possible
  12. If you need portraits I can probably help you I have a lot of Hearts Of Iron 4 portraits from game I have a folder to keep them
  13. I hope you will be successfull you are making this mod alone and this gained my respect
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