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  1. BAD NEWS: Unfortunately, Bloody Europe II features will not be availbe at least in the first version as the many technical glitches. I will re-add to the future versions.
  2. New things added when Bloody Europe II features are adapted: Packet System: Now when you attack an army, you will not destroy it directly, the army will retreat. If you squeeze the army, it will not be able to escape anywhere, so you will easily destroy its army. Auto-Assimilation: Now you can automatically assimilate the country with a single click. National Festival: Added a button that organizes festivals as much as you can afford by prioritizing unhappy provinces first. Resources: Now you need resources to recruit an army, but armies now use these resources instead of money where the
  3. I don't plan to make such a province, my goal is to make a mod that looks exactly like Victoria II. By the way, the Background is cool :D.
  4. This time i wanted to take a SS with the other BG. Thanks @urdekreiz for this BG.
  5. We have a background, but there are places that need to be fixed, if you can help, you can join our discord. https://discord.gg/yEaQ8T4zFb
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