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  1. You can't edit the base value of population or economy, but you can change it by making events to countries that make their population and economy bigger.
  2. I don't expect to find Berlin. I also didn't expect to find out that siberia, caribbean, greenland and east indies give you the same amount of money. My maint point is not making the population bigger. It's making colonisation more worth it(giving more money), and i thought this would be an easier way than adding trade.
  3. This also happens with puppets. For example if I puppeted Wallachia in turn 50 it will show them as a puppet from the start. Or if I started with a puppet and then annexed them it will show them as free from the start.
  4. Colonising is right now mostly useless because the colonised provinces have so little ppl and economy. Make the colonised provinces have more ppl and economy to start with.
  5. Tl;dr Is there a way to make the ai have two events in one turn?
  6. The waiting time between turns is caused by the ai civilisations doing their moves. The only fix i know is to play scenarios with less civilisations
  7. So i've ran into a problem with the game's event system when trying to make a ww1 scenario with events in the bloody europe 2 map. The problem is caused by the fact that the ai can only have one event per turn. So when i was making the collapse of russia, i had made two events for Germany in the same turn. The decision of what to do with Poland, and the decision of what to do with Latvia and a part of Estonia. The ai could only do one event, so it did the baltic one. This meant that Poland reverted back to Russian control in a few turns. I tried to fix this by making the events repeatable but
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